What Are My Risks?

Utility Line Damage

Underground utility lines are damaged every 9 minutes due to uninformed digging, according to data collected by the Common Ground Alliance (CGA). This association dedicated to protecting underground utility lines and the safety of people who dig near them also reports that property owners who began a digging project as simple as installing new fencing or landscaping were more than three times as likely to hit a buried utility because they did not call 811 before digging. Damaging these lines costs utility companies a lot of money, and resulting service outages can be a major headache for you and your neighbors.

With everything from gas, electric, communications, water, and sewer lines buried under the ground on and around your property, it is crucial to mark the locations of these vital lines before digging. Calling 811 before you dig will help you reduce your likelihood of damaging an underground utility line to less than 1%.

Injuries or Worse

Did you know that there are more than 20 million miles of underground utility lines in just the United States, which means that there is more than one football field’s length (105 yards) of buried utilities for every single American? The common nature of buried utilities all around you means that your life is comfortable and all your needs are met. But, unfortunately, damage caused to utility lines by uninformed digging is both expensive for everyone and can be life-threatening. Damaged gas lines can cause explosions and striking an electrical line could result in electrocution of the individual with the shovel in their hand.